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How the Psoas muscle can improve your emotional well being ?

Why we feel lower back pain or have constipation or feel exhausted. These are very common questions I have been asked from my students ?

Psoas Muscle play very important role to answer these questions. Psoas Muscle we call “Emotion bag muscle” and “Soul of the Body” but now the question comes why we call “Muscle soul of the Body”.

In one of the Osho books mentioned soul of the body rest on “Navel”.
So, what we have inside the abdominal area? Abs muscle, organs, and of course PsoasMuscle. Even in yogic text they have mentioned that solar plexus / third chakra also located in the abdominal.That simply means this area is more powerful and every part of this area must be good looked after properly, which unfortunately we ignore the most important part of the body.

Location of Psoas :
As explained, clearly in Liz Kock’s Psoas Book, we have two psoas muscles, one on each
side of the spine.
• Origin – it’s starts from thoracic 12
• Attached – femur (thigh bones)
By bringing awareness to the psoas, we can bring to light certain feelings or emotional associations that harness themselves in the physical posture.

Function or Action of this muscle :

• Psoas muscle support our internal organs and work like hydraulic pump allowing blood to be pushed in and out from our cells.
• Psoas muscle also affect our breathing its connected with diaphragm.
• Running, Walking are also major action of Psoas muscle.
• Prepare us for stressful situations such as fight or flight response.
• Help us to bend our hip.
• Lateral flexion of spine (side bend ).
• Under the stress Psoas contracts during prolonged periods of stress our Psoas is constantly contracted.

What happen when Psoas muscle have an imbalance ?

Prolonged sitting, standing and emotional imbalance can cause tight or overactive psoas muscle. Once this muscle gets tight it’s starts effecting our organs, bones and emotions and mental health.

How do we know we have tight Psoas Muscles?

It’s easy to check tightness in the Psoas if you feel few of these symptoms you might have tight Psoas

• Emotional Disbalance, Anxiety, Depression, feeling unworthy
• Lack of energy, Not feeling good enough
• Extra arch in lumbar
• Anterior tilt of hip (tail bone out)
• Lumbar pain while lying down on your back (Savasna)
• Constipation

How it can be dangerous of your health ?

Psoas imbalance means there is an imbalance between Mind, Energy and Body in order to create holistic health.We have to create harmony between these 3 essential qualities of life mind, energy and body once Psoas muscle gets tight its start effecting our healthy from different aspects such as physical or mental and spiritually.

Physical and Mental :
If you see the location of psoas you will notice this muscle is very close to kidneys and in the top of kidneys, we have very important gland which we call “Adrenal gland”. Tight psoas creates extra load on Adrenal gland and creates more secretions of stress hormones which can cause not only stress and anxiety and also make our body fatigue.Less space for organs because Psoas muscle also gives support to organs tightness may lead less space for organs in this condition. One of the reasons our organs find difficulty to perform their functions. Hence digestion and liver related problems may occur because they are suppressed.

For females it’s can be more challenging during periods and labour ains.The diaphragm controls breath and is a reactive emotional centre.The psoas is attached to the diaphragm through fascia and the medial arcuate ligament. With each breath, psoas and diaphragm work together to provide anterior spinal stability.The diaphragm and hence the psoas, react to fear and costress with constriction. When in “fight or flight” mode breath is short and sharp, and so becomes the psoas muscle.Beyond the diaphragmatic connection, the psoas also links us to the primitive brain, or the brainstem and spinal cord with its origins in the spine.It’s easy to see how the psoas is such an emotional powerhouse with links to both breath and the deepest layers of the brain.

Spirituality :

Psaos muscle is mainly close to the solar plexus chakra Core Beliefs, I am valuable , I can make it . I know what is best for me, I can take care of
myself .When Psoas muscles are tight Core Believes turns into Negativity, I am unworthy, other knows what is best for me, I cannot make it my own. The reason our energy get suck into our 3rd chakra Psoas muscle helps to move the energy upward which plays important role in our kundalini
and tantra yoga.

Why Psoas is important ?

Emotions play very important role in our life, emotions always come with memories our memories are connected with emotions good memories are connected with sweet emotions, bad memories are bitter motions.Whatever we think in our mind it starts manifests in different level of the body. Psoas muscle hold our emotions such as fear, insecurities, and other type of emotions.Working on the Psoas can help us to overcome with negative emotions and find balance between Body and Mind. Which can create beautiful harmony between Body and Mind.


Written By : Yogi Yogesh Ji


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