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How to Purify Negative Energy from Home ?

Sometime world seems very overwhelming, annoying, and stressful that is the big reason why people make lot of efforts to be happy, feel good and stay positive, but those efforts sometime seems to be not working much. One of the big causes behind can be our environment where we stay and work. For example our home is the place where we supposed to be comfortable and positive that makes us feel safe and relaxed. It is important to keep our self and environment positive and healthy.

Here are some advices to keep more positivity around us-

1. Get some Green plant in home:

Plants are natural filter of negative energies. By absorbing excessive levels of carbon dioxide, purifies the air, which attracts positive energy into our home. A plant in every room can be a great way to lower your stress levels and clear out any bad vibes. Plants like aloe vera, jasmine and snake plant are recommended.

2. Smoke cleansing:

Burning different incense sticks is believed to elevate energy and spread a sense of calm around. The smell of lime and oranges as fragrance sprays creates the right atmosphere and energy. Essential oil-based room sprays will give your space an instant pick-me-up.

3. Decorate with crystal:
Crystals are often used to purify energy, and even transform dense energy into a lighter vibration. Some crystals like black tourmaline and rose quartz can be used to purify energy around us. For little extra protection from negative energy a piece of crystal can be put in pocket or a purse/bag.

4. Salt:
Salt has been considered as best cleanser of negative energy. Placing bowls of salt in the four corners of the room or washing the hands and feet can be the easy ways to use it.

6. Ring the bell:

Sound waves are very strong way to influence atmosphere of a place. There are many different types of bells which create sound waves that push out negative energy. Some people also like to keep an ornate bell at the entrance of their home or in the balcony. A light music also can be used to uplift the positive energy near us.

7. Practice meditation and yoga:

The practice of meditation is the one of the best way to get rid of negative energy. Guided meditation, repeating positive affirmation can give us visible effect.

8. Mantra and affirmationsĀ 

Mantras are spiritual words or phrases that are chanted in order to created positive spiritual or psychological effects. Mantra and affirmation in basic terms mantra and affirmation are kind of set of vibrations. Our thoughts and belief system create certain type of vibration to the universe; the universe responds us through same kind of customized set of things and experiences. Ultimately we are the creators of the life circumstances we now find ourselves.

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