How yoga can be Beneficial in this Pandemic

How Yoga can be Beneficial in this Pandemic ?

In this pandemic situation that the world is going through, we all stand together in the same position where many tasks in our lives are paused or even have stopped completely. Accordingly, we all now own the most precious thing in life, which we used to consume or waste most of it before and that is TIME.  Fortunately, many people now are finding new activities to do and new things to learn especially if they can easily be done from home, and Yoga is one of the best and needed activities that can be practiced these days and that everyone can benefit from.

So you might ask yourself, how can Yoga be beneficial these days with what we are all going through in a world full of Corona?

#1 Stress Reliever:

Since this pandemic situation has started and most of the world is getting only anxiety and stress over the News and what we hear every day about the fear of “Corona Virus”; and with all the quarantines and lock downs around the world most people are getting much more depressed. Here comes Yoga to help us relieve all of this stress, save our energy and quiet our minds. For many years, yoga has been practiced for its countless benefits of relaxing our bodies and minds; giving us more opportunities to connect with our deeper selves. The breathing techniques in Yoga, which is known as Pranayama, have shown its great results so many times at releasing natural hormones in the body that are responsible for relieving stress, as well as happiness hormones.

#2 Immunity Booster:

One of the main and most important benefits of yoga is how greatly it affects our health. Many studies have shown the amazing benefits of consistently practicing yoga at how it supports, balances and boost our immunity system. Anxiety and stress always triggers the nervous system which can actually weaken and bring down our immunity system to viral infections. If practiced continuously and properly, yoga helps in releasing toxins from the body and circulating our blood flow, keeping us mentally and physically fit which uplifts our vitality, thus recharging our immunity system cutting down the risk of danger. 

#3 Staying active and fit:

Due to nowadays lock down and quarantines all over the world, our physical movements have reduced and so it’s become so hard for so many people to stay in shape and practice their favorite workouts, sun salutation is the best way to begin with. However, yoga is a sustainable practice and a holistic health option that can be accessed and learned by everyone throughout the world. Practicing Yoga consistently helps in boosting your everyday energy needed to carry out any daily activities and also stay mentally focused to ‘work from home’. Not to mention how hard it is for most people now after cutting out their fun and outgoing activities, to stay home all day and not feel bored or depressed; thus Yoga comes to keep you physically and mentally uplifted during the day removing all the negative energies.

#4 Self direction

Yoga is the disciplined lifestyle through which an individual can truly experience inner harmony. It brings an overall personal development and leaves one feeling confident, energetic and motivated. Yoga helps us to be more self-aware about how we behave with ourselves and towards others and provides us with different perspectives to live more in line with our values. Yoga is the tool that helps us self-regulate our thoughts and emotions through which we can maintain adherence in setting one’s overall goals and intentions. Doing proper Yoga practices as well as Meditation helps us see the parts that we are not aware of in ourselves and thus providing us with the opportunity to self-connect deeply with ourselves, so we can decide what we would like to improve in ourselves which helps in promoting self-esteem and confidence.  Yoga and Meditation together helps in calming and relaxing our mind so it comes to a state of stillness which allows us to redirect our thoughts and emotions. Through stillness and self-direction you can bring those thoughts and emotions to your conscious awareness and transform them into something useful.