Yoga in Rishikesh


“Time is free, but its priceless
You can’t own it, but you can use it
You can’t keep it, but you can spend it
Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”

This is the time to be strong and positive to deal with this pandemic (covid-19). We should not take it as joke and also not need to stress about this (because stressing is not the solution). We just need to be more aware and follow the essential steps of precaution. But more importantly stay away from all the rumours. One of the best ways to deal with this situation is quarantine at suitable place. The most suitable place is your own home with your love ones.

Stay at home stay safe 

For the current situation best is to be at home. But when you are in home you have lot of the time, people asking how they can pass their time?

 I personally feel passing time is wasting time. Instead of passing the time we must learn to invest the time. Remember one thing everyone got the same amount of time. Time is the energy. 

The best investment is investment on our personality and self.  You must for few minutes to just think about are you investing the time or passing it.

Here are few important things to keep in the mind when you make your time investment plans 

  • First and the most important thing – don’t ruin your healthy habits. Or i would say best time to create some new healthy habits and routines.
  • The whole world is surfing this pandemic so please at least for few minutes sit down to pray for all. (The best way of praying is to repeat some positive and healing affirmations). Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results. 
  • Move your body means do some exercise. This can help you to recover and heal your body. Whichever types you like and possible? 
  • Pranayama (breathing) is the key to unlock the ocean of energy in the body and mind. Breathing techniques helps us improve the supply more oxygen and increase positivity energy level in the body and mind. Pranayama technique like Nadi shodhana, Kapalbhati, Brahamri and Bhastrika can be practiced.
  • Meditation is the best way to invest on yourself. Meditation helps us to strengthen the mind which helps us to deal and reduce stress/ anxiety. Focusing on the breath is the best way to meditate. Also gazing the candle called “trataka” and repeating or listening sounds called “nada dyana” are very effective in improving concentration.
  • Reading should be an essential part of our personality. Try to find some time to read your favourite book. Writing also is the best way to invest your time, can write for fun, for improvement in your creativity etc…..  (if you want to read digitally you can email me, i have some books which i can share) 
  • Learn new skills- Nowadays learn the new things are easier. We as this generation has more technical development than any generation ever had.  We must this technology as a tool to improve or learn skills. (online programs, music, cooking and language can be learnt)


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