Our Spiritual Guru

Guru Atmaram Ji

Guru Atmaram Ji was born in a Brahmin family in Varanasi which is in the northern part of India. Coming from a Brahmin family since childhood he was inclined towards spirituality.He has spent his childhood days in an Ashram for his studies which embedded values and interest in philosophy in him. Growing up in ashram environment he got interested in Meditation, Kirtan and Philosophy.

The keen interest in these fields led his journey towards research and grabbing knowledge about yoga. His contribution and devotion towards yoga and philosophy has led him to the unending journey of guiding and spreading his knowledge to other students.He believes spirituality is that which enhances human values such as love, compassion and enthusiasm. It is not limited to a single religion or culture. Hence it is open to all people. He feels the spiritual bond we share as part of the human family is more prominent than nationality, gender, religion, profession, or other identities that separate us.

Yoga guru in rishikesh

Journey of Guru Atmaram Ji

  • Guru Atmaram Ji has spent a decade in Iskcon Vrindavan (Sri Krishna Balaram temple). The Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir, situated in the Raman Reti area of Vrindavan. Spending time in such an environment has helped Guru Atmaram to devote himself in Meditation, Kirtan and Philosophy.

  • Guru Atmaram Ji worked for Sivananda Ashram situated in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Guruji has guided and trained trainees in the ashram for 3 years. Sivananda Ashram is a yoga and meditation ashram in India. After spreading his knowledge and training students in Sivananda Ashram, he went to Bihar.

  • Guru Atmaram Ji went to Bihar school of yoga in Bihar. The Bihar School of Yoga is a modern school of Yoga founded by Satyananda Saraswati in Munger, Bihar, India in 1963.An institution of Yogic studies was then created in 1994.He spent five years researching and gaining more knowledge in the field of Philosophy and yoga.

Our Teachers

Yogi Yogesh Ji

Yogesh ji
A renowned name in Yoga teaching, Yogi Yogesh Ji is among the best Yoga teachers of our School. Yogi Yogesh Ji had done masters in Yoga Science and Therapy. With the unique and student-friendly yoga teaching style, he agitates his energy during Yoga Philosophy, anatomy, and therapy classes. A hard worker and quick learner from an early age, Yogi Yogesh Ji always work creatively for the upliftment of the vivid art of Yoga. With his simple and innovative ways of imparting the best possible yogic knowledge both theoretically and practically, he is one of the most famous yoga teachers amongst the students.

Yogi Mohit Ji

yoga teacher training in rishikesh
Yogi Mohit Ji is a very beloved yoga philosophy teacher in Rishikesh and also charismatic and energetic yoga teacher with bellyful ancient yogic wisdom. He has consistently been attracted to ashram lifestyles and to follow his dedication, he frequently toured Ashram where he initiated his journey by visiting every evening to learn about spirituality and to add his services to the ashram during his teenage. He had birth in a Hindu Brahman family at Raiwala (a small village of Rishikesh) where from childhood he picks up spiritual upbringing.He also clenches master degree in Yogic Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. Due to his broad quest for knowledge, he competes in many national seminars connected to yogic philosophy and yoga therapies in different Indian yoga Research Universities.

Yogi Harmindra Ji

Yoga teacher in rishikesh
Yogi Harmindra Ji is enthusiastic towards spreading knowledge with honor to yoga and other fields like motionless life disorder, posture imbalance, and physical therapy. Being registered as a 500 Registered Yoga Teacher(RYT),He is our Anatomy and Physiology Teacher. He has done Masters in Yoga from one of the most famous University called as Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar near Rishikesh. He has experience in the various aspect of Yoga Therapy and Anatomy. Being a Rishikesh local, he has been practicing yoga since childhood and teaching for more than 6 years. He has always found the system and structure of the body captivating while doing pranayama and asanas. Yogi Harmindra Singh ji is devoted to sharing his knowledge with aspirants.

Sadhu Shri Ji

Sadhusree ji
Yogi Sadhushri Ji is our meditation teacher. He is also a recognized and certified healing teacher in Rishikesh. He owes his yogic knowledge to great yoga masters. His calm mind and strong learning helps him to teach the art of meditation to his students. He has a friendly nature which lets students interact with him easily and become comfortable during class. His experience with yoga meditation and yoga philosophy has made him one of the finest teachers of our school. Sadhushri Ji believes learning is a never-ending process and that we can always learn something from one another.

Yogi Vikas Ji

Yogi Kalpendra ji
Yogi Vikas Ji is our Pranayama, Mantra & Shatkarma Teacher. He specializes in teaching Pranayama and also facilitates yogic cleansing for all students. He also holds master degree in Yogic Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University.With years of experience in learning and teaching, he has become a master of advanced Pranayama skills. His techniques are particularly beneficial for people suffering from psychological issues. Those who have attended his classes have noticed visible improvement in their health in a short period of time.

Yogi Satish Ji

Yogi Satish ji is a certified yoga teacher. He is a master of yoga asanas or postures. With over five years of experience, he has taught yoga to many students. His calm persona and a gentle smile make him really approachable for students to interact. His dynamic style of teaching is much appreciated by the students. Along with yoga asanas, he also has an expertise in vedic mantras. He usually begins his class with mantra chanting and takes forward the lesson in positive energy. Under his guidance, the most dreaded yoga asanas become easy and fun.

Yogi Abhishek Ji

Yogi Abhishek
Started his Yogic journey in 2011 from the World's Yoga capital Rishikesh, Yogi Abhishek Negi Ji had successfully completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Yoga Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University instituted in Haridwar, India.It was in his gene to enjoy and explore the great ancient art of yoga Yogi Abhishek Negi Ji studied and practiced Yoga under the able guidance of famous and experienced Yog Gurus. Along with his yoga study, he also assists many Yog gurus with their classes. The classes conducted by him is an amalgam of practical demonstration, theory involved and discussion on the yoga topics. His teaching methodology focuses on rectification of alignment and moments in Hatha yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Yogi Ankit Ji

Yogi Ankit
Yogi Ankit Ji is an experienced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teachers with the sublime knowledge of Pranayama and Yogic science. Yogi Ankit Ji is master in the various styles of yoga such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar and Acro. He is fully committed in the expansion of techniques of the true yoga to the different parts of the world. He is actively participating in the classes of Yoga from the age of 15. He is a certified teacher in the yogic science from the reputed Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. He conducted several yoga classes ranging from beginner to advanced level yoga courses like Vinyasa Yoga, Yogic Stretch, Iyengar Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, etc. Yogi Ankit Ji emphasis mainly on the correction of Yoga Asana and the flourishment of the true Yogic Knowledge.

Yogi Arpit Ji

Yogi Arpit Ji has instructed in various schools of Rishikesh and got unbelievable gratefulness from the understudies from all corners of the world. He shows yoga as a smooth and graceful lifestyle. He started learning yoga at the most famed Bihar School of Yoga, Munger. He is additionally the follower of Swami Niranjanananda, the well-known yoga instructor in Rishikesh. He is the coordinator and Ashtanga yoga educator at Rishikesh Yoga Association. Also he has immense knowledge of human body and Naturopathy . So he is always capable of sharing information for avoiding bad postures, minor injuries and know how to heal quickly. At first, it challenges your body and later it matures your body and brain to reach in the condition of peace and satisfaction